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Roaming Roots is Me.

Posted by CJ Morrison on

Roaming Roots is Me.

I wanted to pop on here and touch on the recent changes in the partnership that created this creative business.

Roaming Roots started out as a cooperative between both Joseph and I.  It's moved us through many stages, and brought us lessons beyond imagine.  It has grown through us, and we through it.  

The bittersweet lesson was that we can out grow each other even when working together.  As a couple, we moved through the growing pains of Roaming Roots, and ended up growing away from each other through the practice of growing this business.

Recently, Joseph has moved onto his next adventure, and I have moved into the pilot seat for growing this venture.  Roaming Roots inhabits the design mind of both of us, but from here on out, the new collections will reflect my own journey, inspirations, and growth.

The reflections in art and design are really the mind's eye shaping physical objects into reality.  I cannot wait to see where this new energy and empowerment leads me, and Roaming Roots.

I'm so grateful for everyone who's supporting this dream, and following along. If you'd like to see more of the day to day behind the scenes of this entity, check out @roamingrootswoodworks on Instagram.