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I believe our homes are a sacred space that we curate with goods that inspire and ground us.

I'm CJ, the woman behind the wood art panels, wall hanging and shelves of Roaming Roots. I believe our homes are a sacred space that we curate with goods that inspire and ground us.

That's why my art incorporates natural textures and elements meant to connect you back to yourself through minimalist themes, earthy tones, and vibrant patterns.

Started in my garage, and expanded into living rooms, offices, and bedrooms across the globe, Roaming Roots is a collective run by me and influenced by past commissions and nature's presence in every piece. Every piece is made by my two hands, with love and gratitude, from locally sourced materials and ecologically sustainable practices..

behind our S T O R Y

The idea of this path began when I came to the realization that my occupation was not allowing me the ability to express myself in any way.  I wanted the freedom to find passion from creating something meaningful and tangible.

I didn't realize how far our original idea of Roaming Roots would go when I started down this path. I didn't start out with a full-time business in mind. Fortunately, as a friend once said, if you do what you love, opportunities will always present themselves. I have been overjoyed to find this to be the truth. The more that my roots spread, the more abundant my creative energies become. Onward and upward!

I didn't begin this journey on my own in 2015, and I know I wouldn't be where I am now without my former partner. Eventually, we've moved onto our separate paths, and now the entity Roaming Roots is continued through the vision and efforts of only myself. 

A home is an ever-evolving collection of your life experience. Surround yourself with items that tell your story!

With gratitude,




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Frequently asked questions
Custom and personalized orders

All of our pieces are made to order. 

Please contact us with the details, and your zip code for shipping cost.

Almost any design can be made to order as a wood wall artwork, a tabletop, or a serving tray.


For international orders, please contact us directly with your zip code/postal code for a quote!

Sizing details

All pieces can be customized in terms of size.

The price will usually adjust according to the square footage of the piece requested.

If you're having trouble deciding on the size, I would recommend cutting out desired size from a piece of cardboard, and holding it up to the space you've envisioned the piece being displayed.

See FAQ on "Scale of reference" below for more information.

Scale of reference

XS (24" x 12"): A cat would cover this almost perfectly. This would be a great size for a gallery wall addition, or a small wall space in a hallway.

S (30" x 18"): About the same size as an average stove top. This size is big enough to make a statement, but it can fit nearly any blank wall space.

M (36" x 24"): Fits a mantle perfectly, but could easily be placed over a loveseat, or chair as well.

L (48" x 24"): This piece would make a perfect statement piece above a couch, a loveseat, or in an office.

Gift wrapping and packaging

Each piece is carefully wrapped in multiple levels of bubble wrap, and carefully packed in a custom heavy duty cardboard box.