Voted 4th in USA Today 2017 10 Best Makers in the US


Contemporary wood artwork and furniture designed and produced in house by two friends using natural, timeless materials.

Roaming Roots is about providing eccentric wood wares for a focal point on your wall, or for a space that needs something special and unique to enliven it.

Roaming Roots is a collaboration between two people who desired a different kind of life than what they were currently living. We came to the realization that our current occupations were not allowing us the ability to express ourselves or live our truth. We wanted the freedom to travel, and find our passion from creating something meaningful and tangible.

What we've found by starting Roaming Roots is far more than a home based handcrafted woodworking business. We've been able to see our goals come to fruition, while connecting with people across the globe through our artwork. From working with clients on custom projects, we've been inspired and awed to see their ideas come to life in our shop.

We didn't realize how far our original idea of Roaming Roots would go when we started down this path. We didn't start out with a full-time business in mind. Fortunately, as a friend once said, if you do what you love, opportunities will always present themselves. The more that our roots spread, the more abundant our creative energies become.

We believe a home is an ever-evolving collection of your life experience. Surround yourself with items that tell your story!


Thanks for stopping by,

Joe & CJ