Set of Wood Mosaic Floating Shelves

Set of Wood Mosaic Floating Shelves

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These functional art pieces double as wood wall art statement pieces and extra shelving for your favorite priced trinkets, plants, books, or crystal collection - honestly, do your thing and put whatever you'd like on them!

They're going to hold up anything you put on them!


30" wide x 8"

3.5" deep shelf

Weight: 4 lbs

Individually made to order.


Place included 3 1/2" nails into back of shelf, and press into wall.

Make sure you have a level and a way to find studs.

There will be an indention left. Mark on nails the 2/3 mark with a sharpie.

Take nails out of back of shelf and hammer halfway into the wall.

Push shelf onto nails and check for levelness again.

Also, check that there is no wobble.

Each piece is crafted with love in Spokane, Washington.

Due to handmade nature of this piece and the highly variable essence of wood grain, final appearance may vary slight from the images shown here.